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Sandwiches, Salads, Platters, and More; Made to Order from Scratch

Having lunch one day at a waterfront restaurant Amanda and Brian spotted a Kingfisher bird on the dock.  Suddenly someone threw a pre-frozen French fry to the Kingfisher (please don’t feed the animals). Oh, no!

As we continued to watch the Kingfisher we saw the crafty bird take the French Fry in her beak, fly under the dock, perch on a beam, and drop the French fry into the water and began watching it closely.  The Kingfisher was using the French Fry to catch fresh, local fish!

Inspired by the Kingfisher’s refusal to settle for the status quo and desire to seek a meal that is delicious, fresh and local we decided to name our restaurant Kingfisher.




Our Promise

Kingfisher is committed to sourcing the best local ingredients and cooking (and baking) them from scratch, everyday.  This is what we love to do and we hope that you will love it, too!

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The Chefs

After cooking, traveling, and eating around the world, Amanda and Brian are happy to have washed ashore in Pensacola. Our passion is to serve Gulf Coast American food that is simple and satisfying in a casual, fun environment. We hope you will join us at Kingfisher soon!

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